FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions on Vastu
Any kind of question related to Vastu which you think of taking an advice can be asked. It can be a question, query or thought. The questions/queries submitted will be reviewed by Vastu Experts who have a proven track recordin this area. The answers are provided in an easy to understand language for better comprehension.
We will try to respond to each question as soon as possible keeping the entire process of answering and reviewing the answers before sharing with you. Along with the stringent process and efforts taken by the Vastu Experts we try to deliver the answer to you within 24 hours and for Detailed Vastu Reports within 48 hours. However in case further clarification is required from our side we may get in touch with you for the same before answering your query.
Yes, you can ask more than one question and then check out. Once your query is generated you will receive a mail and/ call from our customer care executive for best of the solution from our vastu expert.
As shared earlier the mode of delivery will be in mail and in an easy to understand language for you to better understand the response.
Please note that each question related to Vastu is unique though the answer will depend on the principles of Vastu.
Each question is shared with an expert and the answer before being shared with you is reviewed again by another expert for removing any discrepancy or requirement of any further modifications. After going through this rigorous process and multiple checks the answer is shared with you. The answer is therefore customised as per your question.
As updated earlier each answer before being shared with you goes through more than one expert for removing any discrepancy and best possible answer to each query is shared with you. We have a number of Vastu experts who independently assess each question and hence it involves same effort at our end for every time you ask a question. Therefore in case if you get back to us with a related or different query it will undergo the same rigour and effort for answering and hence will be charged. We are sure you will appreciate our dedication and efforts to serve each question/query with same rigour.
The charges for every question will be Rs. 251/- Only + GST