A Highly Beneficial Plant You Must Have with Ayurvedic Medicinal Benefits- ‘TULSI’ | 14 Latest Tips

TULSI is Ayurvedic Medicinal Benefits-

Holy basil or Tulsi is a sacred plant of Hindu belief. Tulsi belongs to the family of mints and it is native to India and it is not just considered as a plant, it has a specific significance in the scriptures of the Religion. Traditionally, one will find Tulsi in almost every Indian household, it is said that keeping this plant in your home can invite good luck and prosperity.

Tulsi is also known as Ocimum sanctum or Holy Basil. It is also considered as ‘Queen of Herbs’ and can be consumed as ‘Ayurvedic’ medicine.

Tulsi is highly beneficial for humans, it has dynamic anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used for most common ailments, cough and cold, sore throat, skin disorders, and other bacterial and viral infections- chewing a few leaves of Tulsi daily will help to manage of health and resolve any other viral issues.


  1. If we put Tulsi Roots in the basement while building a house, it prevents all negative energies from getting in.
  2. Keeping a Tulsi plant at home avoids the harmful effects on health and reduces the negative energy of Vastu Dosh
  3. Worshiping Tulsi daily promotes love and affection amongst the family members.
  4. If your daughter’s marriage is getting delayed or late then one must keep the Tulsi plant in the south-east corner of the house and girl should regularly water it. There is a chance of an early marriage with a suitable Groom.
  5. It has proven that Tulsi leaves are good juice for the nerves
  6. Recent studies reveal that one should take the juice made of Tulsi leaves and honey daily. It helps in reducing the uric acid level in the body and collapsing the kidney stone.
  7. Most important Tulsi is a very good medicine for controlling blood pressure and controlling cholesterol level in the body.
  8. Tulsi Leaves Help to relieve stress, proper digestion. So have a cup of tea made with the leaves of Tulsi.
  9. Tulsi leaves are also good for skin when applied externally and when consumed too.

Where to place a Tulsi Plant as per VASTU

  1. The Eastern side of your house is the ideal direction for a Tulsi plant.
  2. If it is not possible, then keep balcony or a window in the north or north-east direction of your house.
  3. Never plant the Tulsi in the ground. It should always be a plant in a pot or container.
  4. The plant should be located on a raised horizontal surface and make sure the surface of the plant should above the level of the foundation of your home.
  5. As per Vastu Shastra, make sure to keep the planted areas clean and clear condition and must not be surrounded by junk or any of the unused things.



Tulsi plant is one of the most recommended plants in both science and Vastu. Tulsi is deliberated very important in architectural point of view, Tulsi is also used as a Medicare remedy and Vastu Shastra has been told that if the Tulsi plant is planted in the right direction and worshiped then it comes with peace and tranquillity.

Even it is also like a problem solver plant. Tulsi is a natural purifier that purifies not only your body but clears negativity from your house too.

After placing Tulsi as per Vastu Shastra, offer water and light a lamp / dia every day and if possible chant the below mantra for positive vibrations to the entire house

“Om Tulsayei Vidmahe

Vishnu Priyayei Dhimahi

Tanno Vrinda Prachodayat”